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Corpora in Language and Aging Research

The Corpora for Language and Aging Research initiative (CLARe) aims at exploring language in later life through the glasses of linguists working on authentic language data.

The group has been created at the initiative of Catherine BOLLY and Annette GERSTENBERG in April 2014.


CLARe 3: International Conference  Encounters in Language and Aging Research: Pragmatic spaces, Longitudinal studies, Multilingualism, Freie Universität Berlin in Germany (CLARe 2017)

After two previous events at the University of Louvain, the Berliner conference of the CLAre aims to promote the institutionalization of exchange between the participating disciplines and countries. The focus of the conference is on projects and research questions taking their point of departure in empirical approaches and the use of innovative methods to gather and analyze authentic material and samples of language data from older adults. [Read more ...]


CLARe 2: International Workshop CLARe 2015 Language Use in Later Life , 7th-9th December 2015, University of Louvain in Belgium

With the participation of leading experts in the field, the workshop aims to focus on the theoretical implications of empirical work as conducted by CLARe's projects, in order to develop the outlines of future collaboration in this young but cutting-edge domain of research in linguistics and aging. [Read more ...]

Marie-Thérèse De Lava Fund 2015

Prize attributed to Dr. C. T. Bolly for research into ageing and quality of life of elderly people (King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium, 25,000€). Host institution for the Prize: Université catholique de Louvain.



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