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  • The history of homophobic violence in South Africa
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There are different kinds of homophobic violence in societies. One can be a victim of hate speech, of gay bashing, discrimination and rape. Mostly its not just one phenomen one suffers of. The definitions are not clear-cut. We will focus on the phenomenon of the so-called corrective rape in South Africa. Corrective rape indicates that women and men are getting raped to "cure" them from their sexual orientation, and its not just a marginal problem. The New York Times, for example, writes that "one in four men admit to having sex with a woman who did not consent to intercourse, and nearly half of these men admitted to raping more than once." (

This topic is made visible by artits such as Zanele Muholi and Clare Carter.




Further reading

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Mamela Nyamza and Mojisola Adebajo's dance and theatre performance "I stand corrected" (2012) at the Singapore International Festival of Arts:

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