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Welcome to the online wiki Studying 101 - A Simple Guide for Students!

Your study program will bring a lot of challenges. Especially at the start of your studies, the new environment and the different requirements that apply can be overwhelming. The goal of this wiki is to show techniques and strategies that can help make it easier for you to navigate your studies.

This wiki covers the following topics:

  • Organization is half the battle: The Planning and Organization section contains everything you need to know to structure and organize your sometimes hectic day-to-day life as a student.
  • Stress can be fairly demoralizing, but especially during your studies, it is important to conserve your energy and not get discouraged by setbacks: The Self-Care section offers tips and tricks for taking care of yourself and replenishing depleted energy reserves.
  • No matter what you are studying, books and the written word will be your constant companions in day-to-day life: The Reading section shows how to do this quickly and efficiently.
  • By the time the end of your studies approaches, if not before, you will need to write a longer scholarly or scientific work in the form of your bachelor’s thesis: The Writing section contains all the important points to bear in mind and rules to follow when writing academic work.
  • Conquering stage fright: Talks and presentations are also a part of life as a student. You may even have to take some oral exams. In the Public Speaking section, we show how to cope with these situations.
  • And if you’d like to talk to someone about your questions, the Workshops and Counseling  section contains info on points of contact.

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