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ContactOffice Hours:
LectureProf. Günter M. Zieglerziegler(at)math.fu-berlin.deTBA
TutorialMiriam Schlöterschloeter(at)math.fu-berlin.deTHU 12 - 1 PM, RM K007
TutorialAlbert Haasea.haase(at)fu-berlin.deTBA




TUE 10:15 - 11:45

Arnimallee 6 Room 007/008

THU10:15 - 11:45Arnimallee 3 Room 119



Tutorials and Problems


WED14:15 - 15:45Arnimallee 6, Room 007/008

In the tutorial, we will occasionally review topics from the lecture but mostly discuss problems and solutions to homework assignments. You are encouraged to pitch in by presenting a solution every once in a while.

Every week each student is required to solve homework assignments and hand them in. The problem sheets will be uploaded on Tuesdays and solutions should be turned in before the lecture on the following Tuesday. You will receive points for your solutions based on whether your solutions are correct and well-written.

Course requirements are the following: (1) You must score at least 50% of the total points of the problems assigned in each half of the semester. There will be 6 problem sheets in the first half of the semester. A sheet will have problems worth roughly 20 points. (2) You must pass an exam at the end of the semester which alone will determine your grade.

Problem Sheets


Please turn in one set of solutions per person.