Course Description


This is the second course from the series of three courses Topology I—III. This course will cover
  • CW-complexes
  • Singular Homology and Cohomology with applications
  • Homology of CW-complexes
  • Basis Notions of Homotopy Theory



  1. Allen Hatcher: Algebraic Topology, Chapter I. Also available online from the author's website
  2. Wolfgang Lück: Algebraische Topologie, Homologie und Mannigfaltigkeiten; Vieweg.





ContactOffice Hours:
LecturePavle Blagojević blagojevic(at)math.fu-berlin.deWednesday after lectures
TutorialJonathan Kliemjonathan.kliem(at)fu-berlin.deWednesday before tutorials




Tue10:15 - 11:45SR 007/008, Arnimallee 6
Wed10:15 - 11:45SR 007/008, Arnimallee 6



Tutorials and Problems


Wed14:15 - 15:45SR 001, Arnimallee 2

In the tutorial we will answer open questions and discuss exercise sheets.

There will be weekly exercise sheets. You do not have to submit them, but we strongly advise you to do the exercises, and maybe hand in some of them. The exercises are there to help you better understand the material presented on the lectures. If you hand in your sheet prior the discussion session, we will check your solutions to give you feedback on them. This is a service for you, use it!

Course requirements are the following: (1) You must actively participate in the course. (2) You must present one solution in during the tutorial. (3) You must pass an exam at the end of the semester which alone will determine your grade.

Sheet 5 (May 23rd) (Missing assumption in exercise 20 added.)

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