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In the course degree Executive Master of Business Marketing the students work on case studies in between the face-to-face sessions. During the face-to-face seminars the solutions presented are discussed within the group. The aim is to support the transfer betwen between theory and practice and to facilitate an in-depth analysis of the topics based on lecture texts, exercises and online tasks. Working on the online tasks shows a real usage for practical work as the contents of the lecture show that their there is a real benefit for practical work, especially when it comes to a problem that arises from one's own everyday practical work.    


  • During the one-year study time within the degree course Executive Master of Business Marketing four face-to-face sessions and three online phases take their turns. For these the content dissemination and the supervision mainly takes place within the realm of the LMS Blackboard.   
  • With the aid of Blackboard tests the case studies are prepared for the students. These are made up of a case description (as a task text) as well as different types of questions such as multiple choice questions with an automatic answer as well as open text questions.  
  • In the course section grade center the lecturers have an insight into the solutions and the current work status of the students. The students are not able to access the answers of their peers.  
  • The lecturers use the announcements with an e-mail forwarding in order to make the students aware of new tasks or corrections that are available.
  • The communication between the lecturers and the students takes place via forums, e-mail or in the virtual office hours (webmeetings web meetings with Adobe Connect).
  • Exchanging thougts thoughts between the students on solutions to the case study examples as well as working on further cases in groups takes place in the face-to-face sessions (block seminars).