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Welcome to the wiki space "E-learning at Freie Universität Berlin: Implementation forms and tools“

Digital media and technologies open up new possibilities for teaching and learning at universities. Their integration into face-to-face teaching promotes an active role by the students and allows for flexible forms of communication, cooperation and supervision. So what can this look in one's own courses? In this wiki you can find a collection of examples for using digital media within teaching at Freie Universität Berlin. Do browse through the contributions that have been made or use the search function in order to get suggestions for one's own teaching. 

Are you already implementing e-learning in your courses? In the section "Exchange and suggestions for my own courses - do participate!", you have the possibility of presenting your own e-learning solutions and discussing experiences made.  

In addition to the implementation scenarios at Freie Universität, in this wiki you will get to know various different applications with which you realize your own media-supported teaching. For all of the tools presented here CeDiS offers both consulting and further training courses. Contact: |

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E-learning implementation scenarios from the departments
E-learning implementation scenarios according to course type
Exchange and suggestions for one's own teaching - Do take part!

Would you like to present your very own example for an innovative solution regarding didactic questions? Here you can find out how it works.

CeDiS news

International Week 2023: Distributed Campus + Internationale hybrid-digitale Lehrszenarien
Explore the world with us! - International Week 2023 an der Freien Universität Berlin vom 26. - 30. Juni 2023
Sprechstunde: ChatGPT & Co: The FUture of Teaching, Learning and Assessment?
Zum Start der Vorlesungszeit bieten wir Ihnen eine Sprechstunde zum Thema "ChatGPT & Co: The FUture of Teaching, Learning and Assessment" an.

Digital teaching and learning resources of the Freie Universität Berlin

On this website you can find references to digital teaching and learning resources that were created at or in collaboration with the Freie Universität (e.g. online learning modules, online courses, wikis, digital lecture scripts, video tutorials/learning videos, lecture recordings, digital exercise sheets and handouts, image and resource collections, or similar).

Imprint and disclaimer

Here you can find the imprint and disclaimer of the Center for Digital Systems at Freie Universität Berlin.

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