H5P is an online open source software that offers a variety of possibilities and approaches using various tools in order to digitalize individual teaching and learning content. The software is available at Freie Universität Berlin for use as a plugin within the Wordpress blog system.

Table of contents

Implementation forms

When using it three basic functions can be differentiated:

- Designing learning paths

- Activating students

- Checking on knowledge

In order to see what tools are available do visit the website There all of the tools, with examples given, are presented. After the registration on the website all of the tools can be tested, including using one's own content. The learning modules that are created in this manner are, however, viewable for all users and are NOT suitable for a long-term provision for a course. For these cases CeDiS provides a solution within the blog system of the Freie Universität.


Currently CeDiS provides the usage of H5P via a plugin within the Wordpress blog of the Freie Universität. In the plugin you can create H5P content and subsequently interlink this with a Wordpress article. You can also place several H5P learning units within one article or post. This also means that you can of course easily combine H5P content with typical blog content such as texts and image files within the article. With the publishing of the contribution the H5P learning modules then also go online.

Learning content in H5P are not suitable for becoming a complete digital copy of courses. For this the reduced set-up of the tools does not allow enough room. In addition, the comprehensive portrayal of content and facts within numerous H5P content units is questionable and not really goal-oriented. We are dealing more with the fact that existing as well as tried and tested teaching and learning processes are supplemented with H5P. This can be an alternative knowledge dissemination format (accordion, agamotto, branching scenarios), the activation of students through short, formative assessment elements (multiple choice, drag and drop, fill in the blanks) or even the interlinking of both of these formats (interactive video).

Data protection and terms of use

As we are dealing with a plugin within the blog system of the Freie Universität, the valid data protection and terms of use regulations apply.

The learning tools of H5P are open source and freely accessible. Therefore there is, on the software side, no central update management. When updates are available this is shown within the plugin. However, neither CeDiS, H5P nor their community can be made liable for the functioning of the content at any one time (especially if an update has been made).

Further information

The most important areas of implementation of H5P are presented in the H5P blog of the Freie Universität Berlin.

The FAQs to H5P are answered in the FAQ wiki.

All of the available tools are listed and portrayed on the website of H5P.

Support offered by CeDiS

  • Consulting services for the implementation of digital solutions in teaching: The Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) has extensive experience of many years when it comes to the implementation of digital media and systems within the fields of teaching, learning and research. We offer a wide variety of consulting services on the implementation of these tools and systems within the entire academic scope and especially at Freie Universität Berlin. 
  • Training courses and workshops: For lecturers at Freie Universität Berlin (professors, employees, tutors) as well as lecturers of other universities CeDiS offers training courses and workshops on the topic of teaching and learning with digital media. These course enable participants to implement online elements within their own sphere of teaching.
  • The Executive Board of the Freie Universität supports e-learning initiatives: With the e-learning funding program financial resources are provided to lecturers that enrich and improve their courses quality-wise by implementing technological and media-related support. All of the academic staff teaching, the lecturers or even the institutions of the Freie Universität - without the Charité-Universitätsmedizin - can be supported within this program. 
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