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Organization of previous conferences


  • International Conference Corpora for Language and Aging Research (CLARe3) Encounters in Language and Aging Research (Org.: Prof. Dr. A. Gerstenberg, Freie Universität Berlin; Dr. C. T. Bolly, Universität zu Köln), 6th-8th March 2017, Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)


  • International Research Workshop Corpora for Language and Aging Research (CLARe2) Language Use in Later Life (Org.: Dr. C. T. Bolly, Universität zu Köln & UCLouvain; Annette Gerstenberg, Freie Universität Berlin), 7th-9th December 2015, Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) [Pdf: Program]


  • International Workshop Corpora for Language and Aging Research (CLARe1) Communicating with the elderly people. What about their language in use? / Communiquer avec la personne âgée. Regards croisés sur l’usage langagier de nos aînés (Org.: C. Bolly; CLARe research group, Louvain4Ageing consortium and Valibel center), 8 October 2014, Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) [Pdf: Program] 
  • One-day Conference on Multimodality: New questions, interdisciplinary perspectives, and new methodologies (Org.: C. T. Bolly, B. Garcia, E. Soroli, V. Vapnarsky, C. Vincent; Working group 4 of the Linguistic Consortium IRCOM), 6 June 2014, INALCO, Paris (France) 

    Plenary talks

  • Bolly, Catherine T. (2015). Changements pragmatiques liés à l'âge. Stratégies adaptatives et compensation pour une interaction normée (Age-related pragmatic changes in late life. Adaptive strategies and compensation to reach the norm in interaction). Conference Atylang - Atypies langagières: mais de quoi parle-t-on vraiment?, 27-28 November 2015, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre (France)
  • Gerstenberg, Annette (2015). How to make sense of historical key words in biographical interviews. Workshop Oral History Meets Linguistics (Freiburg i.Br.)

    Contributions in topic related conferences (peer-reviewed)


    • Gerstenberg, Annette (2015). Language change and lifespan development in old age: the case of ne deletion in French. NWAV44 (Toronto).
    • Gerstenberg, Annette (2015). Un corpus en deux séries : quelles différences significatives au niveau du lexique? JLC2015 (Orléans).
    • Bolly, Catherine T. & Gerstenberg, Annette (2015). Functions of repetition in the discourse of elderly speakers: The role of prosody and gesture. 14th IPRA Conference (Antwerp)


    • Gerstenberg, Annette (2014). Prosodie et vieillissement. L’exemple des récits autobiographiques. FRT2014 (Münster)
    • Gerstenberg, Annette (2014). Prosodic  features  and  the  genre constituting  process  of  oral  narratives. SWIP3 (Genève).
    • Bolly, Catherine T. (2014). Facing Nadine’s speech. Multimodal annotation of emotions in the elderly. The Second European and the 5th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication, 6-8 August 2014, University of Tartu, Tartu (Estonia).

    2013 (and before)

  • Bolly, Catherine T. & Charlot, Valentine (2013). Understanding the elderly’s everyday language: A mutually enriching dialogue between research and society. Annual VALS/ASLA Conference: What is the relevance of linguistic research for society? Questioning the notion of “impact”, 13 May 2013, University of Basel, Basel (Switzerland).
  • Bolly, Catherine T. (2012). Language and (inter)subjectivity in normal aging. A corpus-based multimodal approach to the empathic ability of very old people. XIIème Colloque International sur le Vieillissement Cognitif(JEV 2012), 25-26 June 2012, Tours (France).
  • Bolly, Catherine T. & Boutet, Dominique (2012). Ecological corpora and economy of tools. The multimodal CorpAGEst corpus. International Conference Corpus Linguistics: How to bind concepts, technique and application?, 14-15 December 2012, Université Bordeaux 3 - EA TELEM - CLLE-ERSSàB, Bordeaux (France).
  • Bolly, Catherine T. (2011). Quel avenir pour le vieillissement langagier ? Pour une méthode de revue systématique de la littérature scientifique. 4e Séminaire interdisciplinaire de recherche sur le vieillissement (Org.: Centre interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur le Vieillissement (CRIV)), 29 September 2011, Université catholique de Louvain, Woluwé-St-Lambert (Belgium).

    Further contributions


    • Bolly, Catherine T. (2014a). Des gestes et des mots pour dire la vieillesse. Research seminar of the UMR 7023 Structures Formelles du Langage (Org.: P. Cabredo Hofherr, E. Soare), 24 March 2014, University of Paris 8, UMR7023 Structures Formelles du Langage (SFL), Paris (France).
    • Bolly, Catherine T. (2014b). "Discourse and aging” (Hamilton, 2001) and “Language and (inter)subjectivity in normal aging” (Bolly, 2012). Presentation at the Journal Club de Gérontologie et Gériatrie & Aging Research Group (IRSS) (Org.: B. Boland, I. De Brauwer), 2 April 2014, Université catholique de Louvain, Woluwé-St-Lambert (Belgium).
    • Bolly, Catherine T. (2014c). What corpora for discourse and aging studies ? From words to gestures (and conversely). Research seminar (Org.: A. Gerstenberg). 23 April 2014, Freie Universität of Berlin, Berlin (Germany).
    • Bolly, Catherine T. (2014d). Quand la linguistique parle de, avec et pour les aînés. Communication at the 2nd Scientific Meeting of the Louvain4Ageing network, 21 May 2014, Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium).
    • Gerstenberg, Annette (2014). Soziolinguistik des höheren Lebensalters. Educational Linguistics Universität Gießen.

    2013 (and before)