To get access to the booking system OpenIRIS, follow step-by-step the pdf protocols:

  1. Register to FUB IRIS.

  2. Join your reseach group.

  3. (Only for use of the Optical Micrscopy unit) Submit a request to use the Optical Microscopy (detailed protocol: Get access to Instruments of the OM (Optical Microscopy) Unit).

  4. Book instruments via the OpenIris webpage according to the protocol  Booking of instruments in general.
    Note: If you book an instrument the first time, you may need to sent first a training request during the booking proceudre in OpenIris.

You can also submit service requests e.g. request material/compound testing in the Biolab (detailed protocol: Booking service measurements).

For more information also about the instrument booking of other units or groups refer to the BioSupraMol provider page or contact the respective group personally. Check also the overview document Using OpenIris and the BioSupraMol Booking info webpage or BA Provider webpage.

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