Working Safe in the Biolabs and the Optical Microscopy is important and the respective information, documents, rules and introduction you can find on the following pages:

New Users follow carefully the following steps:

If you only wish to hand in samples for characterization and you do not plan to work yourself in the biolab, you can do this via our material/compound testing request form in OpenIris (for OpenIris registration see protocol Using OpenIris). Please note, that characterization of compounds/materials is costly, the request also includes the obligation of coverage of the costs for the measurements (from 50€ per sample, organism and type of assay).

Please note: In order to cover the costs of the Biolab for consumables, chemicals, reagents, maintenance, repairs and service by the Biolab team, a contribution of currently 1500€ per university semester and person must be paid by the working groups. Before using the biolabs, you must clarify with your research group head that these costs will be covered by your research group. For more information or questions, please contact the SupraFAB coordinator Achim Wiedekind.

Optical Microscopy (026/027) Access

Please follow the guidelines of the OM Wiki page: Access to the Optical Microscopy (OM) Facility

Biolab (114/115) Access

To get access OR before YOU start work in the S2 SupraFAB Biolab (BA unit), follow the steps below:

  1. Register as new user for SupraFAB by writing to, provide personal info (name, working group, status/activity, office and laboratory room number) and confirm your particiaption in the next SupraFAB safety briefing taking place usually the first Monday of the month, 10:00 - 12:00 (if you do not get a confirmation, please write another email or contact the SupraFAB coordinator or secratary in room 102 or 203, see SupraFAB Homepage)
  2. Fill the transponder form with work safety questionaire (2. page), let it sign by your research group head, bring it to the on-site Intro and finally hand in to Katharina Tebel (office 103) or Achim Wiedekind (office 102).

  3. Participate in the SupraFAB safety briefing (the date you should have receievd in your registration confirmation email) before starting lab work and let confirm your particiaption by a signature on the transponder form.

  4. Book a biolab On-site Intro (dates & booking: see table) by sending and email to the respective biolab technician with the Biolab Technicians and let confirm your particiaption by a signature on the transponder form.

Note: Scientific guests as well as non-scientific staff such as service personal from companies also need to get introduced by one of the PIs for genetic engeeneering (see Biolab Team & Lab Phone Numbers). The introducution and documentation forms and slides can be found on the safety intro page ( The documentation forms and permission forms need to be stored in the repsective folder in office 111.

If you passed the on-site intro & you got transponder access some more action for full access is needed:

  1. (Optional) In case you do NOT have a FUB Email, apply with help of the your cooperating FUB research group for a guest zedat account.
  2. Subscribe to the Biolab Email List and join the biolab whatsapp group for quick exchange of information.
  3. Register for the instrument booking system OpenIRIS by following the pdf protocols on the OpenIRIS Booking System page and book devices always via:
  4. Get access to the  BCP-storage network drives to safe and transfer your measurement data.
  5. To access the OM facility microscopes, follow the instructions on the Optical Microscopy Wiki.
  6. In case you need to access the microfluidics, bacterial or virus lab, you need an additional practical training by the respective lab responsible person and you need to obey the S2/RG2 Pathogen Lab Rules and to register pathogens in the wiki.
  7. Hazardous substances and chemicals must be registers in CLAKS, the chemical data base of FUB

For printing, please use the Multi-User FollowMe-Printers (currently you have to use the one located in Takustr. 3 or any other institute building).

More information about SupraFAB you can find on the SupraFAB homepage and the SupraFAB wiki.

Biolab On-site Intros: Dates & Booking

Sent an email to inform the persons offering the intro and to know the exact time and meeting point; if we receive no emails for a date, the intro will not take place.



Contact address (sent an email to book)

January 17, 2024

Elisa Quaas

February 7, 2024

Johanna Scholz

February 21, 2024

Britt Schaffranietz

March 6, 2024

Elisa Quaas

March 20, 2024

Johanna Scholz

April 3, 2024

Britt Schaffranietz

April 17, 2024

Elisa Quaas

May 15, 2024

Johanna Scholz

June 5, 2024

Britt Schaffranietz

June 19, 2024

Elisa Quaas

July 3, 2024

Johanna Scholz

July 17, 2024

Britt Schaffranietz

August 7, 2024

Elisa Quaas

Additional information and publications about safety in biological laboratories, risk assessment or risk classification of biological agents is provided from the "Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie" and the "Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)"  in English and more detailled if you change to the German versions.

For risk classification of biological agents you can use the GESTIS Biological Agents Database, for classiification of hazardous substances the GESTIS Substance Database.

More information about work safety in laboratories you can access online e.g. Guidelines for Laboratories or download from the web e.g. DGUV.

Further publications about relevant safety topics:

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