Why do I need this?

The BCP Storage file system is intended for long term storage of measurement (raw) data captured by a measurement computer as well as transfer of measurement data to your own computer or research group drive as because of data safety reasons USB devices should not be connected to measurements computers.

For data from Devices in SupraFAB as well as in the measurement room Taku3, you can use the BCP Storage network drive suprafab-analytics network drive for data transfer.

For Major Instrumentation of the Electron Microscopy, Optical Microscopy, Microfluidics, PharmaMS & Surface Analytics Facility, device specific network drives are available that should be used for data transfer & long-term storage of (raw) data (up to 10 Years).

Note: The BCP Storage is currently free of charge, but may be charged in the future.

Short protocols to use the BCP Storage

  1. Mounting on Measurement Computers & Multi-user Computers: How to access BCPFS from a device
  2. Mounting on your Personal Computer or Laptop
    1. Window operating system: How to map the BCPFS (Windows)
    2. MAC operating system: How to map the BCPFS (Mac, Linux)
  3. Naming & sorting measurement data: Data storage conventions on BCPFS

If you are not on campus (connected to ZEDAT-network/WIFI), you have to connect your computer via VPN in advance.

Detailled instructions for Using the BCP Storage

Detailled instruction is provided on the Core Facility Homepge BioSupraMol: BCP Storage

For more detailed instructions, register your zedat account on https://git.imp.fu-berlin.de and read carefully the Read Me instructions.

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