Biolab (114/115) Access

Please follow the guidelines of the Biolab Wiki page: How-to-Start Biolab

Optical Microscopy (026/027) Access

Please note: In order to cover the  project specific costs of the Optical Microscopy Unit of the Core Facility BioSupraMol, a time based charge depending on the device and usage mode must be paid by the working groups specified in the BioSupraMols Usage Rules that can be downloaded from the BioSupraMol page:

More action for full access is needed, after you passed the device specific training and safety briefing described on the Microscope Setups, Devices & PCs page:

  1. (Optional) In case you do NOT have a FUB Email, apply with help of the your cooperating FUB research group for a guest zedat account.
  2. Subscribe to the OM Email list. You can use the Email list ( to sent an Email to all user.
  3. Register for the instrument booking system OpenIRIS by following the pdf protocols on the OpenIRIS Booking System page and book devices always via:
  4. Get access to the BCP-storage network drives to safe and transfer your measurement data.
  5. To access the SupraFAB S2 Biolab, follow the instructions on the Biolab Wiki.


An OM Keyuser serves as contact person for the OM staff and will support the OM staff to train new users of the respective research group. If there is no active Keyuser, choose in agreement with the research group head a new Keyuser that will get trained from the OM staff but need to stay for at least 2-3 years and should be experienced in optical (confocal) microscopy.

In case, your group never used the OM facility before ask your research group head to register to the booking system OpenIris via the request "Register with BioSupraMol/SupraFAB (BCP) @ FU-Berlin" and to contact the core-facility coordinator Mathias Dimde for establishing group access to the BCP-storage.

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