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Meet the Open Science Community at Freie Universität Berlin.

If you want to be added to the list and receive editing rights for the wiki, send an email to Christina Riesenweber, including your account name for FU-wikis.

To not miss anything, subscribe to the mailing list:

Write to everyone at



Afiliation at Freie Universität

Special Interest & Possible Contribution

Dr. Christina Riesenweber

contact info on UB-website

University Library, Organization Development

Open Access, event planning, moderating

Martin Lee

contact info on website

University Library, Organization Development

RDM, DH, funds

Prof. Dr. Dirk Ostwald

contact info on dept. website

Department of Education and Psychology

Research data sharing, open educational ressources

Dr. Julien Colomb


Open data, RDM

Alexander von Lautz

FU Kontaktseite

Neurocomputation Neuroimaging Unit

Open data, Fellow Freies Wissen

Dr Mathilde Noual

FB Math & Computer science

valuing practice of research outside of /in between papers and challenging it

Sibylle Söring

contact info on dept. website

University Library, CeDiS

Digital Humanities, Research Data Management & Infrastructure, Open Data

Dr. Cosima Wagnercontact info on CB-websiteUniversity Library / Campus LibraryDigital Humanities, Research Data Management & Infrastructure, Open Data for Area Studies / non-latin scripts; Open Science in East Asia
Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birncontact at instituteInstitute of Computer ScienceValues in Open Science, Open Data/Data Quality, Digital Humanities
Nikolas Eisentrautcontact at department of lawDepartment of LawOpen Educational Resources, Open Access, Open Science in legal theory, Alumni Fellowship Freies Wissen
Dr. Sabina García Petercontact infoMargherita von Brentano Center for Gender StudiesDiversity and Inclusion in Open Science Movement, Decolonization of (Open) Science, Open Sciences Practices and Feminism
Dr. Malte Henningsencontact info on websiteBrain Language Laboratory
Dept. of Philosophy and Humanities
Digital Humanities, Open data, Open source, Open educational resources
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